Master Letter Recognition

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About Course

Welcome to the Master Letter Recognition course, a comprehensive program designed to help parents enhance their child’s letter recognition skills. With this course, you’ll gain valuable knowledge and practical tools to support your child’s learning journey and lay a strong foundation for their literacy development.

In this course, our experienced instructor, Neelakshi Shukla, shares her expertise and insights on effective techniques to promote letter recognition in children. You’ll learn proven strategies to introduce letters, reinforce their visual identification, and create engaging activities that make learning fun and interactive.

Understanding the challenges faced by parents, Neelakshi has carefully curated a curriculum that combines educational principles with engaging methods to capture your child’s interest. Through step-by-step guidance, you’ll gain confidence in guiding your child through various letter recognition exercises and fostering a deep understanding of the alphabet.

Join the Master Letter Recognition course to equip yourself with the essential tools and knowledge to help your child excel in letter recognition. Start this exciting journey today and witness your child’s progress as they confidently navigate the world of letters and words.

What Will You Learn?

  • The Letter Song: Engage your child with catchy tunes and actions to learn the alphabet and letter sounds in a fun and interactive way.
  • Distraction & Concentrators: Discover strategies to help your child improve focus and concentration during learning sessions by minimizing distractions and creating an optimal environment.
  • Letter Formation with Dough: Use tactile play with dough to guide your child in forming letters, improving fine motor skills, and reinforcing proper letter formation techniques.
  • Learn to Effectively Form & Trace Letters: Master letter formation and tracing skills through guided practice, progressive exercises, and hand-eye coordination activities.
  • Multisensory Paste & Feel Shape of Every Letter: Explore sensory materials and activities to engage multiple senses in letter recognition, formation, and reinforcement for a holistic learning experience.

Course Content


  • Introduction

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